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Eidos Napoli P/E 2015 - Il Cuore di Pescatore.

Inspiration to reality.

The real question is will Eidos die the hero or live long enough to see itself become a villain.

Great stuff nevertheless.

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Wegner Shell Chair


Wegner Shell Chair

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I guess it’s just SL now?


I guess it’s just SL now?

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Eidos Napoli at Pitti.

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"Okinawa Sugar- Cordovan Edition"

A new Patina by Dandy Shoe Care on the cordovan shoes of an italian gentleman who is representing the absolute elegance and style male: Mr.F.M.

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Solis Home Renato D’Ettorre Architects

"Set within its stunning natural surroundings on Hamilton Island, the residence is sculpted from concrete, stone, block work and glass resulting in a sequence of dramatic volumes incorporating airy living spaces and private sheltered outdoor zones. the building elements are intertwined with reflection ponds and a swimming pool, lending a sense of tranquility and sensuous tactility whilst providing casual, elegant outdoor living amid the beauty and serenity of the isla."

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